Max Hawkins is a software engineer

Max Hawkins

Hi, I'm a software engineer based in Alameda, CA. I build fast, scalable cloud applications. I love working in NodeJS, React, and Ruby.

I recently co-created Bento, an open-source, serverless video transcoder deployed to AWS.

Bento is a blazing-fast serverless video transcoding pipeline.

By leveraging the instant scale and concurrent execution of function-as-a-service architecture, Bento transcodes hundreds of small parts of a video file in parallel, slashing multi-hour transcoding jobs down to minutes.

Read our case study to learn about the engineering behind Bento, including how we managed timing and concurrency in an event-driven architecture, and tackled the storage bottlenecks inherent to multi-gigabyte video files.

Other Projects

Reaction app


A project management app inspired by Trello. Built in React/Redux with a Rails back-end API and PostgreSQL database.

Form check app

Form Check

A weightlifting web app built with Ruby and Sinatra allowing users to create custom workout routines and attach related form videos via the YouTube API

ohyea app


A modern, responsive todo app, built in Javascript and Handlebars.js, with an Express API backend.